Transition in a Global Context: Making Impact

On October 3, 2022, the Global Resource Center for Inclusive Education will present an international forum on post-secondary transition of youth with disabilities. Editors and contributors to the latest issue of Impact, a flagship publication of the Institute on Community Integration (ICI), will discuss on transition experiences from around the world, including from Ethiopia, Kenya, Japan, Bhutan, Spain, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Australia, and the United States. The authors will present highlights from this feature issue on transition in a global context, including photos, personal stories, and policy recommendations. Participants will engage in a discussion related to the issues raised in the publication. The event will have a hybrid format: in person at ICI (housed at the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain at the University of Minnesota) and on Zoom. Review the latest issue of Impact online now.

For questions contact Dr. Renata Ticha at

Forum Schedule

  • 8:15AM to 12:00PM - Transition in a Global Context: Making Impact (hybrid with international speakers) - anyone can attend
  • 12:00 to 1:00PM - lunch for present speakers and transition project partners
  • 1:00 to 2:30PM - transition project partner meeting (hybrid)


Register to attend in person or via Zoom.

Forum Speakers

Below is a schedule of speakers with links to the articles they authored.

Exploring Transition in Minnesota

Time Slot




8:15 AM

David Jones from ACL


Introductory remarks from ACL point of view

8:27 AM

Alyssa Klein from DEED and Lindsey Horowitz from MDE


Introductory remarks from Minnesota point of view

8:39 AM

Stephanie Gotlib, parent and former CEO, Children&Young PPl with Disability


The Transition Experience in Australia

8:51 AM

Chencho Om


First Steps

9:03 AM

Martin Kavua


Technical & Vocational Training Programs in Kenya

9:15 AM

Yirgashewa Bekele


Promoting Skills Training and Productivity in Ehiopia

9:27 AM

Jyrki Pinomaa, president, Inclusion Europe


Long Journey to a New, New Home

9:39 AM

Renáta Tichá, Brian Abery, Jan Šiška, and Šárka Káňová, Tereza Havránková

USA, Czech Republic

Partners in Transition

9:51 AM

Jan Šiška

Czech Republic

The Meaning of Life: Active Citizenship as a Critical Transition Goal

10:03 AM

Cristina Cardona


Addressing Challenges in Spain

10:15 AM

Ross MacHattie, parent and member, Family Support Network for Employment


Work as a Lifeline

10:27 AM

Inés Elvira de Escallón, Family Support Network for Employment


A New Approach in Canada

10:39 AM

Liz Hannan and Michael Grace, parent and self-advocate


Personal story, A Bridge to Joy

10:51 AM

Roger Stancliffe


My Own Apartment

11:03 AM

Andy Traub, consultant


Employer Perspectives on Transition

11:15 AM

Kelie Hess, Institute for Disability Research Policy


School to Work Initiative, Utah

11:27 AM

Safia Dockter (with Renata Ticha)

USA, Ukraine

Transition in Times of Crisis

11:39 AM

Satomi Shinde and Takeshi Chikurinji


Innovative Approaches to Transitiion

11:51 AM

Brian Abery, Renáta Tichá, Jan Šiška, Roger Stancliffe

USA, Czech Republic, Australia

Modernizing Transition


Michelle Brotherton and Phil Tuckerman


Jobsupport Transition: Raising Expectations


Tracy, Terry, and Jack Bird

New Zealand

Burning Desire