Macdonald Metzger, M.S., DPA

Macdonald Metzger headshot

+1 612-301-3439

Director of Outreach, Education, and Interdisciplinary Training

Macdonald Metzger provides strategic direction and leadership for ICI's outreach, education, and interdisciplinary training programs. He supports the implementation of interdisciplinary training programs such as the MNLEND Fellowship and the Disability Policy Certificate program and the selection of learners from diverse racial and ethnic communities. He is also a MNLEND faculty mentor and leadership team member. Metzger is an alumnus of the Association of University Centers on Disability (AUCD) Leadership Academy and a member of AUCD's Emerging Leader Community. He is the founding President of the African Association of Disability and Self Advocacy Organizations (AADISAO). Previously at ICI, Metzger served as a DirectCourse Quality Coordinator, providing quality assurance for the DirectCourse online curriculum for direct support professionals. A trained person-centered planner, he has extensive experience in supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health needs. Metzger's international work includes support for the implementation of the  DirectCourse and Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) training of volunteers and CBR facilitators in Zambia and Liberia. Dr. Metzger was recently selected by the U.S. Department of State to participate in its Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Disability Employment (PFP-IDE) in Nairobi, Kenya and continues to serve as a virtual coach for PFP-IDE Fellows from East Africa. Metzger currently serves on the State of Minnesota’s HCBS Community Advisory Board and is Vice President of the National Association for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health Needs (NADD) membership committee.