A teacher in a classroom in Armenia assists a student. The students are about 9 years old and are wearing school uniforms.

The Global Resource Center for Inclusive Education (GRC), housed at the University of Minnesota’s Institute on Community Integration, works toward systemic improvement of educational programs, practices, and policies that affect children youth and adults with disabilities and their families around the world. Our mission is to provide sustainable and culturally-responsive approaches and strategies and contribute to the knowledge base of inclusive and special education worldwide. Our areas of expertise include Universal Design for Learning, Response to Intervention, teacher collaboration, data-based decision making, Curriculum-Based Measurement, self-determination, Inclusive Service Learning, transition from school to community living and employment, and more. We have collaborated with researchers, policy makers, educators, families and people with disabilities in the U.S.; Western, Central and Eastern Europe; East and South Asia, and Central America.

 In the News

The ADA fellows at the University of Minnesota in 2017.

Feature Story |  July 2022

Where They Are Now: ICI Reconnects with ADA Fellows

Navigating war, pandemic, persistent ableism, or a combination of all three, participants in the ADA Anniversary Fellowship Program in Inclusive Education (pictured at the University of Minnesota in 2017) continue to work for global inclusion, five years after their University of Minnesota experience. Read more about the ADA fellows.

Kamila Rollan.

Feature Story | April 2022

Alumni Update: Kamila Rollan

In March 2022, Kazakh citizen Kamila Rollan was appointed to her country’s Presidential Council for Youth Policy. Rollan, now a third-year PhD student at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, was a 2017 fellow in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Anniversary Inclusive Education Fellowship Program, which the Institute on Community Integration co-led. Read more about Rollan.